Things to keep in mind when shopping for toys

James | July 10, 2019 | 0 | Toys & Recreation

When your child’s birthday is just around the corner, you might start wondering what gift to give them. Your child might even be asking you for specific things, such as the toy regularly shown on TV commercials or the ones they see on the internet – and that’s a lot. Just take a look at the items listed on this page: to give you ideas.




While you may feel like wanting to fulfill their wishes, there are many things you need to consider when purchasing toys for your children.

Here are some tips on how you can make the right choice when shopping for a toy.

Check out the reviews

Like most people, you probably check the online review of the products you want to buy before making a final purchase. Toys shouldn’t be any different. Many toy manufacturers present their products as educational, but, in reality, they are not. They may even harm your child’s learning development. Take, for example, toy robots that connect to an iPhone or other electronic devices. Remember, educational toys should encourage children to lessen their screen time and not increase it.

So, do make sure to check what others have to say about it first. If there are more bad reviews than good ones, then it’s better to find a different brand or product.

Buy age-appropriate toys

Toys are designed for different age groups. For example, children under three years old should not be given any toys with small parts, as they are choking hazards. And while a five-year-old won’t try to eat the little pieces of a toy, that doesn’t mean they have the patience and understanding for a toy that’s been designed for older children.

Choose toys that entertain and educate at the same time

Not all toys are created to be educational. Some are designed purely for fun value. When choosing toys, it’s better to go for the ones that are not just fun but also have educational elements to them. Block sets, water tables, and toy kitchens are all good examples of toys that give your child an opportunity to learn new things like shapes, colors, and new words.

Furthermore, some toys can even help kids build self-esteem and self-confidence, such as musical instruments and pretend toys. Yes, cuddly and plush toys make really good gifts to children – and they love them too. But, the ideal toys for children are the ones that also teach them soft skills.

Concluding thoughts

Play is the universal language of children. It doesn’t just entertain them, but also help enhance their social, cognitive, and psychomotor capabilities. So, in a way, it is the driving force behind their learning and development. However, not all toys are good. Some may even hinder your child’s learning development, such as those that encourage children to use mobile devices. A good toy should be fun and educational at the same time.