Home care: 6 situations where getting such support for your relative with a disability is optimal

James | April 9, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

With the skyrocketing demand for assisted living services, home care is also becoming increasingly available in Australia. Therefore, finding such support is never a question. The real question is: does your loved one really need it, given that you’re there to care of them?

If you’re experiencing any of the situations or dilemma below, then home care might be the ideal choice for you.

You need more time for yourself

If you’re feeling unbelievably exhausted, then it’s definitely time to consider in-home care. Treat this service as a respite from caring for your loved one. You shouldn’t also shoulder the guilt of getting help. Besides, you can’t properly care for your loved one if you get sick due to stress.

Your loved one needs or wants socialisation

They might not say it because of pride or embarrassment—but your loved one might be missing some socialisation, too. The good thing is that plenty of Australian home care services provide transportation in their packages. You can avail one of those and help your loved one make up for those missed dates with their buddies.

Their doctor recommends getting such form of formal care

If their physician requires you getting professional in-home care, then you should follow their advice. For instance, if your loved one has a spinal injury, you will need extra helping hands that are skilled in handling this type of situation. Moreover, they will need to undergo therapy, so delaying or even dismissing professional home care is out of the equation.

The caring tasks are interfering with your work

If you’re the only one who’s earning in your family, home health care might do more good than harm. If you can’t easily quit your office job, then you should get home care services for your loved one. If you are confident that you can rely on professionals, then you can focus better on processing your remaining tasks. After that, you can start looking for a more flexible job that complements your situation.

Your ageing parent would rather pay for home care than burden you

In this type of circumstance, guilt often goes both ways. You may be enduring the guilt of getting help, but your loved one is also enduring the guilt of burdening you. That’s why it’s important to communicate consistently. If they’re on-board with getting home care in Australia, then you can then start searching for providers, given that you have their go signal.

You want to improve your loved one’s lifestyle

Who says disability is all about doing the same things every day in one place? Thankfully, care providers in Australia are offering more than just assistance. For instance, Sacare can offer art classes, meditation, and hydrotherapy. They also offer various community activities in which your loved one can engage.


If you are experiencing one or more of these situations, then you should definitely get the best home care Australia has to offer to your loved one. Fortunately, you can easily get one of the most revered in-home care services for people with disabilities from Sacare. Get in touch with them by visiting sacare.com.au.

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