Guide for first-timers: What to know about laser stretch mark removals

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In this age where scars and marks are celebrated, one might doubt the necessity of a stretch mark removal Perth professionals can do. However, why forego treatment if the marks make you uncomfortable?



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Deep inside, you know you want that smooth, clean skin again. You’re tired of missing that beach vacation because you don’t want to wear a two-piece swimsuit. You’re a bit intimidated of showing those big, purple lines on your stomach. You want to flaunt your body on the beach, with your supple, brown skin glinting at the golden sunset rays.

So, why not get a stretch mark removal in Perth?

If you’re planning to get one for the first time, there are things you should know about it:

1. The earlier you treat them, the better.

Sadly, those old, white stretch marks might be tougher to remove than newer, red-tinted ones. Therefore, once you see those pink lines appearing on your skin, you should consider getting a Perth stretch mark removal right away.

2. There are two types of laser removal treatments.

The first one is called ablasive treatment. Unlike lotions and creams, it will deeply penetrate into your skin, removing the skin’s outer layer for better restructuring. The result is an all-natural fading of stretch marks, without compromising the skin that surrounds it. Meanwhile, the non-ablasive treatment doesn’t destroy the upper layer of the skin. This only encourages collagen growth by getting into the underlying areas of the skin.

3. Stretch mark removal procedures are generally pain-free.

You won’t feel any uncomfortable stinging during the procedure. However, it’s still possible that you will feel a bit of discomfort. If this happens, the stretch mark removal Perth expert can give you an anaesthetic to alleviate the pain.

4. There are minimal but visible side effects.

Right after the session, you might see some redness or swelling. Others describe the feeling as similar to having a light sunburn. You might also develop some scabs since the skin’s tissue is still healing at this point. Now, despite being visible, these side effects will subside in a day or two.

5. You should know the likely results during the initial consultation.

Not all skin types react equally to a laser stretch mark removal Perth experts do. Some people might need more than three sessions to get ideal results. That’s why the professionals must inform you about your possible results, so you can manage your expectations well and prepare your budget. If they don’t, you might want to reconsider other skin specialists who are more candid.

6. You might spend on extra costs, depending on your condition.

Another reason to choose an upfront provider is the possibility of extra costs. Besides the treatment itself, you might have to pay for additional lab costs, after-care fees, anaesthetics, and following consultations. That’s why you should communicate with your provider, so you won’t unexpectedly face a mounting bill after your treatment.

Have your smooth and supple skin again

Can’t wait to know more about a laser stretch mark treatment? If you’re trying to find stretch mark removal Perth clinics can offer, you might want to start with the one at Waterhall Cosmetics. In just a matter of 30 minutes, you can say goodbye to your annoying stretch marks and have smooth skin again.

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